Cheeseburger Tacos @bigdaddyslims

Serves: Made To Share

Preparation time: 10 MINS

Cook time: 10 MINS

Begin by browning your mince in a non-stick pan. Once the mince has browned, add in your pack of grated Dromona cheese. Mix it together until the cheese has completely melted through the mince. Taste and season with salt and pepper.

To make your tortilla, partly cook your tortilla first, then remove from your pan. Add a handful of grated Dromona cheese to the pan and allow it to melt. Once the edges turn golden and the cheese has melted, add your tortilla on top and push down gently on the cheese to make sure they stick together. Flip the tortilla over and cook the tortilla side for a minute. Remove and build your taco.

Top with diced onion, cherry tomatoes, pickles, and taco sauce! Simple!

700g mince

1 pack of grated Dromona cheese

Salt Pepper

8 Tortillas

Handful of Pickles

1/2 Onion (Diced)

Handful Cherry Tomatoes (Quartered)

Extra pack of grated Dromona cheese

Taco Sauce

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