As a farmer-owned cooperative, we put our members at the heart of everything we do. That’s why we’ve developed a range of resources and schemes to help our farmers produce quality milk in a sustainable way.


Why does Dale Farm insist on Red Tractor Milk?

Red Tractor is a globally recognised assurance standard which helps us demonstrate to our customers that we have a fully traceable product, produced in a hygienic way and which adheres to strict welfare and environmental standards. Working alongside Red Tractor we have been able to get the logo onto even more packs – so consumers know they are getting a quality product when they buy Dale Farm.

How do I know my milk quality results are accurate?

All of our milk collection drivers are trained to DTAS (Dairy Transport Assurance Scheme) standards, and the samples they collect are kept refrigerated until they reach our lab for further testing. Once in the lab, the samples are sorted and tested by our team of lab technicians. Strict protocols are followed throughout the process and our lab is UKAS accredited – providing a guarantee of the highest standards of testing.

Why does Dale Farm charge to collect my milk?

We pass on part of the cost of collecting milk and delivering it to our processing sites. There is a significant cost in running a milk collection fleet so while others may choose to fully subside that, the cost remains and will be picked up elsewhere, which ultimately impacts the base price of your milk.