The 1,300 dairy farmer members that make up our cooperative work hard every day to maintain healthy dairy farms and produce the best quality milk. Our cooperative is centred around helping sustain family dairy farms for generations.

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With an average herd size of 96 cows, our farmers work tirelessly to care for their cattle every single day. Dale Farm members are Red Tractor approved, ensuring every drop of milk is safe, traceable and farmed with care.

With beautiful natural resources, Dale Farm cows receive over 90% of their diet from grass-based forage, creating the most delicious, fresh milk. Our Agri Services team works in partnership with our farmer members on all aspects of managing a busy, successful and sustainable dairy farm.

Our carbon footprint measurement programme is one way we are seeking to lower impact on the environment and we are proud that our farms have a lower carbon footprint than the UK & European average. Our farmer members encourage biodiversity and seek to explore more sustainable energy sources.

Lois Kirkpatrick

Dairy Farmer, Nutts Corner

Hugh Harbison

Dairy Farmer, Aghadowey

Sean McKenna

Dairy Farmer, Ballygawley

Cows need care and attention and as you get to know them, you begin to see they each have their own personalities and preferences! But the effort you put in to caring for them really is worth it. Yes, dairy farming is very demanding, but it is also really rewarding.

Lois Kirkpatrick

Dairy Farmer, Nutts Corner