As a leading farmer-owned cooperative, Dale Farm is committed to protecting and improving our environmental credentials for the benefit of our farmers, customers and consumers, for now, and the generations to follow. We constantly assess our systems and processes to deliver compliance and build best in class encompassing our product journey from farm to consumer. Our three-year rolling targets are aligned with the UN Sustainable Goals and drive increased energy efficiency and use of renewable resources.

Great examples of initiatives delivered by the group include the launch of our solar farm and the strides made to provide more sustainable packaging solutions. In 2018 Dale Farm launched the largest ‘self consumption’ in Ireland. Guaranteeing 20 years of green energy for the company, it is one of the largest of its kind in dairy worldwide. The 37-acre solar farm, connected directly to our network, powers the cheddar cheese plant at Dunman, Cookstown, delivering 25% of the site’s annual demand. Last year it supplied 6 million kWh of electricity – that’s enough to power 1800 homes for a year.

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