Dale Farm Group

I want to work for Dale Farm. How do I find out what opportunities are available?

All of our vacancies are advertised on our Current Opportunities section of the website.

What is the culture like at Dale Farm?

We pride ourselves on providing a working environment that encourages open and creative thinking, allowing for our people to be ambitious and curious in all that they do.

What factors are considered when Dale Farm review my application?

After the application closing date, we review all candidate suitability for the position. This selection process uses the essential and desirable criteria that has been outlined.

I already have a CV; can I email or post this to you rather than go through the online process?

To ensure fairness and consistency in the recruitment and selection process, we require all applications to be submitted through our online portal. The online portal will request that you upload a copy of your CV and give you the option to also include a cover letter. The online portal is also available on mobile devices, should you not have access to a PC.

I don't have an email address; is there an alternative method to apply?

To ensure fairness and consistency in the recruitment and selection process, we require all applications to be submitted through our online portal. You can use the email address of a friend but please be aware that all communications from us, including invitation to interview, will be sent via email to the email address provided at registration.

I have recently applied online; how long will it be before I hear back from Dale Farm?

The majority of our positions are live for a period of two weeks. After the closing date, we will begin the selection process by shortlisting applications. We aim to arrange interviews within two weeks of the job closing, but in some cases this can take longer. We respond to each applicant that applied to a position, either to invite them to interview or to regretfully inform of their unsuccessful application.

I started the application process and left the application - can I go back to complete it?

When you first register with our online portal, a 6 digit PIN will be sent to the email address that you used to create your account. To complete your application, you can log back on to the system using this PIN and email address. Don't forget to check your junk mail for the PIN!

My PIN isn't working / I didn’t get a pin. Can you send me another one?

Unfortunately we cannot generate a PIN or resend a new one, but using the settings function on the online portal will allow you to contact our service provider who will be able to assist. PINs are generated automatically when you register your account; try looking in your junk mail folder to see if the email was redirected to there. If you need the PIN resent, use the settings function on the online portal which will allow you to contact our service provider who will be able to assist.

I am a Dale Farm employee. Do I have to apply online for a new position that I am interested in?

To ensure fairness and consistency in the recruitment and selection process, we require all applications to be submitted through our online portal. Ensure to include an up to date copy of your CV and include any skills and experience gained through your current employment with Dale Farm.

I have previously applied for a different role with Dale Farm, and see that there is another position that I am interested in, do I need to apply again?

As each application is assigned to an individual recruitment exercise, we require a new application for each position.

I am interested in a position that Dale Farm are advertising, but have questions about the hours of work and salary - what do I do?

We will discuss the remuneration package and provide details on hours of work at the interview.

I have heard that Dale Farm offer Graduate and Student opportunities - when do you start to advertise for these roles?

The advertisements for our Student and Graduate roles are typically advertised in late January / early February. Be sure to check out our Student and Graduate section on the Careers website to learn more about what we offer!

What career progression opportunities exist within Dale Farm?

It is our mission to empower our people to embrace opportunities for career development. That ranges from encouraging employees to move into a management position that becomes available, to relocating to one of our other sites.

I have a question about a vacancy - how do I contact you?

We would be delighted to answer any questions you have! You can contact our Head Office in Belfast on (028) 9037 2000, or email hr@dalefarm.co.uk

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Farmers Co-Op

What is the Minimum Order Quantity?

This depends on product and location. We can ship from a min of 1 pallet or 1 x 40’ container

Can you still ship to Europe?

Yes, as Northern Ireland is still part of the EU Customs Union we can still ship hassle-free to the EU.

What if I need export documentation?

Dale Farm has a dedicated logistics team which deals directly with our veterinary services and can assist with all the appropriate paperwork regardless of your location.

Why does Dale Farm insist on Red Tractor Milk?

Red Tractor is a globally recognised assurance standard which helps us demonstrate to our customers that we have a fully traceable product, produced in a hygienic way and which adheres to strict welfare and environmental standards. Working alongside Red Tractor we have been able to get the logo onto even more packs – so consumers know they are getting a quality product when they buy Dale Farm.

How do I know my milk quality results are accurate?

All of our milk collection drivers are trained to DTAS (Dairy Transport Assurance Scheme) standards, and the samples they collect are kept refrigerated until they reach our lab for further testing. Once in the lab, the samples are sorted and tested by our team of lab technicians. Strict protocols are followed throughout the process and our lab is UKAS accredited – providing a guarantee of the highest standards of testing.

Why does Dale Farm charge to collect my milk?

We pass on part of the cost of collecting milk and delivering it to our processing sites. There is a significant cost in running a milk collection fleet so while others may choose to fully subside that, the cost remains and will be picked up elsewhere, which ultimately impacts the base price of your milk.

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