‘Cream of the crop’ to be recognised at Winter Fair

Dairy cooperative Dale Farm will announce the winner and a runner up of its Dairy Herd Efficiency Awards at the RUAS Winter Fair this week.

Sponsored by independent dairy consultants Kingshay, the awards recognise producers who manage efficient herds through maximising milk value, utilising purchased feed effectively with the result of optimising milk produced from forage.

Fred Allen, Dale Farm Chairman, said:

“These awards are a great opportunity to recognise producers who are producing high quality milk in the most efficient, sustainable and productive way.”

“The dairy farmers who own our cooperative work every day to build more sustainable, profitable and successful businesses. By being part of Dale Farm, they are also helping us create the very best consumer dairy products,” added Fred.

Simon Withers, Kingshay said: “We are pleased to sponsor Dale Farm’s Dairy Herd Efficiency Awards to celebrate excellence in dairy production. We look forward to attending the Winter Fair to meet with and recognise the worthy award winners”.

The overall award winner and runner up will be announced on Thursday 8th December.